BlueStacks, the company currently known to offer users the ability to run Android apps on a Windows or Mac computer will soon be entering the hardware space. Not to mention, will soon be competing with the likes of OUYA and GameStick. As of this morning, BlueStacks has announced the GamePop game console, which will launch with subscription based pricing.

The BlueStacks GamePop will be an Android-powered game system and it will offer the ability to play any and all games that you want. Well, for as long as you continue paying the monthly subscription fee anyway. At present the folks at BlueStacks have said they will have 500 of the “top mobile games” available. The console itself will be selling for $99.99 and the monthly subscription will be $6.99.

Those who get in early will get a deal though. If you pre-order during the month of May you will get the console for free. The one catch here, those moving forward with the pre-order will need to pay for a year long subscription. That means an initial layout of $93.83, which includes a $9.95 shipping fee for the console itself. The console will also ship with one controller.

BlueStacks hasn’t released a full game list just yet, however they have shared details on some developers. At present that list includes Glu, Halfbrick, Gameloft, Intellijoy and Deemedya. All said and done, this seems like an interesting approach. Of course, you would have to decide which would be better based on your personal use — paying a monthly subscription with an all-you-can-play setup or just shelling out for the individual games you really want. Lastly, at present BlueStacks has yet to reveal a shipping date.

[via SlashGear]


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