Samsung Galaxy S10 Bitcoin

There is so much to learn about the Blockchain and Bitcoin. Back in January, we said Samsung Galaxy S10 may have a place for cryptocurrency but looks like something has changed. We were told you cannot store and trade Bitcoin with the Blockchain KeyStore on the Samsung Galaxy S10. This is bad news for those into cryptocurrency and recent owners of the S10 smartphone. The Bitcoin logo may be there but sadly, only Ethereum and Ethereum-derived tokens are supported. We’re hoping bitcoin will be compatible soon but it will depend on Samsung.

We don’t know why the most popular currency isn’t included–at least not yet. A Blockchain KeyStore wallet is in demand right now but what’s the point if you can’t use Bitcoin.

Most people use Bitcoin so it only makes sense that it must be included. However, many tokens are also Ethereum-based so maybe that’s enough. With or without Bitcoin, the setup and the Blockchain KeyStore wallet may be useful.

Other cryptocurrencies included are Cosmee and Enjin. Still no Bitcoin on the horizon but we’ll have to wait and see before it’s included finally to the Blockchain KeyStore wallet.

Note that the Blockchain KeyStore won’t come pre-installed on the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+ or Galaxy S10 phones. Go to the Galaxy Apps and download Blockchain KeyStore from there.