True their promise, BlackBerry has just made its messaging, and now voice call, app available to more Android users. Now even those running on an ancient Android 2.3 version will be able to enjoy the rebirth of the BBM phenomenon.

Late last month, BlackBerry announced that it was working on a Gingerbread-compatible version of its messaging app. This, according to the company blog, was in response to requests from users who are still stuck with that version of Android. And that represents a considerable amount of potential users, as the last Android distribution chart puts the entire Android 2.3 line at 21.2 percent of the market pie.

BlackBerry is making true its word today and delivering an update that adds support for Gingerbread. At the moment, there is no word if there will be some BBM features unavailable on this older Android platform, though we can presume that there will be feature parity across all Android versions. That means that Android Gingerbread users will also be able to enjoy BBM Voice and Channels that was just rolled out to the public last week.

This also means that existing BBM users will have a larger pool of friends and strangers to pick from, perhaps using the new Find Friends feature. Owners of Android 2.3 devices can simply go to Google Play Store and look for the official BBM app, or hit the link below, to download this updated version.

Download: BBM on Google Play Store
SOURCE: BlackBerry


  1. Slowly but surely BBM will conquer most of the messaging market. This is just the beginning. There isn’t any news on support to various Apple phones. Why? .


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