BlackBerry Priv

After months of waiting and a few quick previews, the BlackBerry Priv is now ready for pre-registration. Well, it’s not exactly pre-order but at least we’re certain that the first fully Android-powered BlackBerry phone is arriving in the market anytime soon. The Canadian smartphone pioneer has finally put up a page on its website introducing the Priv.

More details about the BlackBerry Priv have been released. The device boasts of an authentic BlackBerry keyboard that’s hidden underneath and as made possible by the SmartSlide technology. Phone comes with a super clear 5.4-inch dual-curved display screen, impressive audio quality, touch and physical keyboards, and a 3410 mAh battery.

Contrary to the information that the Priv will sport a 21 megapixel Sony IMX230 sensor, the latest BlackBerry device comes with a Schneider-Kreuznach certified camera. We don’t know the exact specs yet but the features presented so far are already impressive. The BlackBerry Priv also comes with DTEK warning system app that brings total privacy and security to the user.

If you’re interested to know when, where, and how you soon you can purchase the BlackBerry Priv, just sign-up on the pre-registration page. You can even indicate there if you’re planning to get at least 10 units of the Priv for your company.

BlackBerry simply wants to find out how many are looking to buy the first BlackBerry Secure Smartphone in the world so make sure you let them know.

SOURCE: BlackBerry