So it might be the honest thing to say that we’ve all been marginally excited at the upcoming BlackBerry phone that will run on an Android operating system. It’s been nicknamed the BlackBerry Venice, but we all know now that as per the official announcement, it will be called the BlackBerry Priv – for privacy, or privilege, whatever the case may be. BlackBerry CEO John Chen was seemingly caught in the headlights when he started to showcase the new phone in an interview that went as smooth as sandpaper.

If you’d want to see the video first, click it below. First up, Chen gives a spec rundown of the BlackBerry Priv that’s really, really awkward to watch and listen to. Then he says, “It runs Google,” which is probably his way of saying that the BlackBerry Priv runs Android. The interviewer points out the curved screen, and Chen agrees it is… err, curved. Then he runs into a bit of trouble showing off the Priv’s touchscreen capabilities.

By this time, the interview has gone from awkward to cringe-fest level really fast. He proceeds to boast of the smartphones cameras, and, you know, “all that good stuff.” Then there was the accident waiting to happen – Chrome would not open up. It just wasn’t John Chen’s day, really.


Fortunately enough, he went on to the pièce de résistance, and it was a wonder to see the keypad of the BlackBerry Priv slide out without hitch considering the awkwardness that has already happened. This is a testament to BlackBerry – they know how to do keypads. But we think it would have been better to have someone from the tech or design team of BlackBerry do this interview, so all this awkwardness could have been avoided.