The BlackBerry PRIV may soon have other Android siblings. We’ve been saying a mid-range phone might be released if things go well for the Priv but renders of not just one but two smartphones were spotted online. We’re hopeful that a more affordable Android-powered BlackBerry phone (or is it BlackBerry-powered Android phone?) will enter the market soon. And while waiting, we’re interested to know how the Canadian company continues to enhance its many services and ensure mobile privacy.

BlackBerry just updated the keyboard feature with Type by Swiping. This follows other swipe gestures, swipe to delete words, flick to accept suggested words, and swipe to launch the symbol picker. Regular users have been demanding for more features so BlackBerry has extended another one. ‘Type by Swiping’ is supported not only on the touch screen but also on the physical slider keyboard.

Since the BlackBerry Priv is ready for Android Marshmallow, users can take advantage of the swipe for faster one-handed typing. It allows easier and quicker typing because you don’t have to lift your fingers and press the keys. Simply slide finger between keys to forms words when typing. It’s more convenient and we’re hoping swiping to type will not put strain in one’s fingers or wrists.

Priv owners have the option to turn on/off the feature. It’s not enabled by default to give user the choice. You need to enable the ‘Type by Swiping’ feature. From the top of the screen, swipe down with two fingers or twice with only one finger. Go to Settings> Language and Input> BlackBerry Keyboard Settings > Type by swiping and then enable the Touch screen keyboard or the Physical keyboard switch.

SOURCE: BlackBerry