You can call Blackberry what you want, but you cannot say they’re ones to give up on the business. After lagging behind so much in their mobile device business to top industry players like Apple, Samsung, and Sony, they still have a presence in the industry, especially with mobile security products. This is what the SecuTABLET is – basically, it is an Android tablet with focus on data security.

John Chen, who took the reins of the floundering mobile company in 2013, is trying to revive its businesses by partnering with other companies to have access to a larger customer base. The SecuTABLET is a product of one such partnership with Samsung. The SecuTABLET, on display today at CeBIT 2015, is basicallt a 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S with encryption and security technology from Blackberry unit Secusmart.


Blackberry is trying to target industries and companies who rely more and more on wireless networks and mobile devices – like government offices, for instance – and bring its years of experience in industry-level communications security to them. And since the SecuTABLET is built on an Android platform, the learning curve will basically be small to none at all.

At a USD$2,380 price point, you will have to expect that there’s something pretty special about the SecuTABLET. It was made with a purpose keeping your data out of reach, even from those who do mobile network hacking. Only time will tell if companies are going to bite this new Blackberry product. You will remember that their last attempt at a tablet to compete with Apple and Samsung – the Blackberry Playbook – fell pretty hard on its face.

SOURCE: Blackberry