Around the same time last year, BlackBerry launched the KEYOne after months of rumors and speculations. We got our hands-on review and noted how it gave the QWERTY keyboard one more try and took advantage of an embedded fingerprint sensor in a keyboard. Its shipping and release may be delayed a bit but the phone was received well. There were some issues but they were fixed already. More adhesive measures were added to the KEYOne display so it’s more durable.

The only time we heard about the next-gen BlackBerry KEY2 was a couple of weeks ago when a BlackBerry device hit TENAA and Weibo. The official launch is yet to happen and now we know it’s happening on June 7, 10 AM in New York. A teaser was shared over on Twitter and we can only assume it’s the official announcement.

From KEYOne to KEY2, we’re looking forward to that new generation of a BlackBerry phone with a QWERTY keyboard running the latest Android OS and still with top-notch security and privacy only BlackBerry can give.

BlackBerry describes ‘An Icon Reborn’. We’re guessing the new KEY2 will take the form and design of an older BlackBerry phone but running Android instead. We’re thinking something like the Nokia 3310 having a new lease in life. There were plenty of BlackBerry phones with a keyboard but we only remember the BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold, Storm, Style, Torch, and BlackBerry Q10 among others.

VIA: CrackBerry

SOURCE: BlackBerry Mobile