The purported BlackBerry Hamburg was sighted getting Wi-Fi certification a few days ago. CEO John Chen himself said that the first mid-range phone will be unveiled soon. We were told the BlackBerry Hamburg and BlackBerry Rome are already in the works. The two are just code names but now, we’ve got information that the Hamburg could be called the Neon.

The BlackBerry Neon is believed to be manufactured by Alcatel based on earlier reports. TCL is listed in the Wi-Fi certification document. This time, there are leaked photos that show that this BlackBerry Humbarg-Neon phone looks a lot like the Alcatel Idol 4. The images somehow prove the idea that Alcatel and BlackBerry are rebranding the Idol 4 to become the Hamburg or should we say now–Neon.

The photos were shared over on Twitter by The Malignant. The phone appears to be just a render and not a working prototype so there is still a big chance someone Photoshopped this. But then again, it looks a lot like the Alcatel Idol 4 and Idol 4s unveiled in February.

BlackBerry Neon Alcatel Idol 4

Notice they almost have the same shape and same design. We’re excited to know if this BlackBerry Neon/Hamburg is really just a repackaged Idol 4. The specs we’ve seen on GFXBench a couple of months ago somehow match the Alcatel Idol 4’s–sort of.

As for the other mid-range model, the BlackBerry Rome, another set of images were discovered. The Rome is said to be called the “Mercury”. These are just renders but they tell us that the phone looks like an iPhone with a keyboard.

We don’t have information on the specs but there seems to be a USB Type-C connector, dual speaker grills, and a built-in fingerprint scanner. The images also show there will be silver and black color options.

What do you think of these new BlackBerry smartphones? And umm, who’s excited?

VIA: PhoneArena,

SOURCE: The Malignant


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