Today some comments are being thrown around by the CEO over at BlackBerry, formerly RIM, about the current and future state of tablets. To quickly sum it up, Thorsten Heins just doesn’t really like tablets. Which was pretty evident with their attempts at the segment with the PlayBook piggybacking off of Android. However, he goes on to talk about all tablets in general, and their future.

During an interview yesterday evening with Bloomberg, Heins goes on to talk about tablets claiming that their time is running out, and goes as far as to say they’ll be completely useless in 5 years. Maybe there is still some resentment from their failed tablet, or this is just his honest opinion.

“In five years I don’t think there will be a reason to have a tablet anymore”

Perhaps he should be worried about BlackBerry smartphones in general for the next 5 years, and not the current state of the increasingly popular tablet – mainly Android tablets. But we won’t get into that. He goes on to mention that tablets in general aren’t a good business model, and we won’t be using their screen real estate too much in the future.

With smartphones getting more and more powerful, the point of using our smartphone for everything does make sense, but we have a feeling tablets will play a role for longer than 5 years. In classrooms, people on the go, and of course our living rooms. With Android tablets continuing to improve sales numbers and be on the rise, I think he might be off-base a bit.

In the end the Blackberry CEO gives you RIM fans some hope, saying that tablets aren’t necessarily off the table for BlackBerry. Whatever that means. Maybe we’ll see one, maybe we won’t. In the meantime enjoy that Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 10 folks!

[via SlashGear]