BlackBerry isn’t going anywhere. No, not yet. The Canadian smartphone pioneer may be experiencing challenges the past few years but it won’t stop in serving the mobile industry. We still don’t know the latest numbers but we know the PRIV didn’t exactly meet its target. The company released two more Android phones, the DTEK50 and DTEK60, and we’re crossing our fingers the two will help pull up the numbers.

We’re not saying BlackBerry is going down. It’s not. It’s just going through some bumps like any other businesses. We still believe it’s one of the best brands out there because it values privacy and security and it offers topnotch service all the time.

Just look at the way the company releases software updates. It is always professional, releasing security patches monthly. That’s very consistent of BlackBerry. However, not many people are convinced that the brand will still do good. Some may only be waiting for its downfall. That’s one mean thing to even think about about that’s how it is in the mobile industry.

BlackBerry wants to remind us that the company is still alive. We believe in this brand and we’re glad that it’s still around. The company has shared several reasons why it’s still around. It’s only a reminder for us geeks to finally stop speculating and just start believing in what the company is doing.

BlackBerry said that its devices are not going anywhere. The company will still continue with designing phones although it may have outsourced manufacturing. Expect to see new BlackBerry devices in the future and wait for them to be marketed further.

Android will still be the choice of platform because a lot of people use it. Blackberry knows security and privacy and it’s proven by the company’s first three Android phones. Each one also uses security tools like the DTEK privacy app and QuadRooter to ensure phone is safe.

BlackBerry still supports BlackBerry 10 (BB10). Those enterprise clients who can’t seem to let go of their BlackBerry devices are rest assured that BB10 is still of the “highest standards of security”. Some more improvements have been added such as the BlackBerry Assistant voice-controlled organizational guide.

BlackBerry can still handle any sensitive and important data. The brand believes in excellent security and reliability which are perfectly shown off by its new mobile devices.

SOURCE: BlackBerry