Samsung has already introduced the Gear 2, and for some that could mean the original Galaxy Gear is simply old and outdated. For us though, we look at this as a potential opportunity to score a solid deal on a still functional smartwatch. We saw Best Buy offering the Galaxy Gear at a deep discount a few weeks earlier, and it looks like they have another going on today.

The catch with this latest deal — it is available only for Geek Squad refurbished models. We should point out that you still get the same Best Buy Return Policy when buying refurbished. That should take some of the potential for worry away. More to the point though — the savings.

In this case you’ll be able to pick up a Galaxy Gear for $99.99. At this time we are seeing refurbished deals available for the following colors; Wild Orange, Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Rose Gold, Oatmeal White and Lime Green. If you had your eye on a Galaxy Gear, this does bring a solid question.

Should you buy now on this refurbished deal, or try to wait a bit longer in hopes the brand-new models see another big price drop. Tough question, but while you try to decide which is right for you, the other aspect here is getting the watch. Best Buy seems to have these available for in-store pickup only, which could potentially be an issue for some.

VIA: Android Police