Earlier this month, B&O PLAY unveiled the new BEOPLAY H4 wireless headphones. It was introduced following the H9 Wireless over-ear, noise cancelling headphones and the Beoplay 5 from last year. We’ve known Bang & Olufsen for its excellent audio products and so this Beolit 17 is no different. True audiophiles know the Beolit name which is now considered iconic.

The Beolit 17 can be availed for NOK 4699 which is about $554 in the United States. Two colors will be ready: Natural and Stone Grey. This is more than just a premium speaker. It’s easy to use and boasts of really smart features which you can access straight from a compatible Beoplay app.

If you may remember the Beolit 15 and Beolit 12, this one has a similar design. You will notice the simple and minimalist principles used in designing the product. It brings the classic Scandinavian feel together with the roughness of a gadget expected to last for a long time.

The speaker can be used for a maximum of 24 hours. It’s portable and well-made with the premium grain leather plus anodized pearl-blasted aluminium. The Beolit 17 also features a scratch safe and non-slip tray for your phone. It comes with a one-touch connect button that can be set to open certain functions. You can set the Alarm, Connect to play music, ToneTouch for personalization, or Remote to play/pause a song. Use the connect button to make things more convenient for you.

This Beolit speaker also boasts of a redesigned speaker grill so it looks nicer while offering an enhanced sound performance that is distinctively Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound.

Beolit 17 is currently sold in Bang & Olufsen stores, online on www.beoplay.com, and from selected third party retailers.

Download Beoplay from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Beoplay