LevelUp Studio has been offering the Beautiful Widgets app on the Android Market for a while now, but unfortunately, is about to be taken off. Apparently, HTC is not very happy about this, and they made sure LevelUp Studio got the message.

Beautiful Widgets is actually a set of widgets that run on Google’s free mobile OS, with a stylish and nice looking design inspired by the HTC interface (Sense UI). We all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but by the looks of this, HTC didn’t like it.

So, LevelUp Studio let everyone know about it via twitter, so whoever bought the Beautiful Widgets app from them, could back it up. Well, it was good while it lasted, now to wait until someone else comes up with something similar to HTC sense once again.

[Thanks to mwenn1 and simms22 in our Forums for the heads up]