Google’s Beautiful Design collection has been a great curated find of the best designed apps among the thousands you can find on the Google Play Store. The Summer Collection 2014 includes 12 old (but newly updated) and new apps that have “exquisite detail” in their user interfaces. Some of the apps have also incorporated Google’s material design, which of course would please the tech company and secured the inclusion on this collection.

Flight Track 5 has beautifully designed interactive charts, flight information and maps to help you keep track of the flights that you want to check. Oyster has been giving other reading apps a run for their money with its minimalist and cleanly designed reading interface and experience. Gogobot has numerous city guide apps that make it more fun to explore the place you’re visiting with its colorful and detailed guides. Airbnb has gained even more traction with travellers, not least because of its beautiful app that makes looking for a place to stay in easier and more user-friendly.

Other apps that were included in the collection are personal training app Lumosity, wine scanner Vivino, the football governing body’s official app FIFA, language learning app Duolingo, TV show and movie manager SeriesGuide and fitness app Runtastic. Music streaming juggernaut Spotify and Yahoo News Digest also made it to the list due to their updates’ continuos improvement on design.

All of these apps are available for download at the Google Play Store. You can also check out Google’s previous Beautiful Design collections if you’re on the lookout for apps that are not just functional but also pretty.

VIA: Android Developers