Streaming service Beats Music, which is part of the Beats headphones company that Apple acquired late last month, now has an update for the Android version. This is the first update they’ve had since the deal was announced and the new features will try to make this service more user-friendly to compete with other music streaming apps like Spotify, Songza and Rdio.

In version 1.1.0, one of the major additions is that users can now save and transfer their offline downloads to an SD card. Users can also choose whether to retain the files in the internal storage or just transfer it altogether to the SD card. The app can also now play music in landscape mode for better viewing of album covers, if you prefer flipping through the songs in a horizontal fashion. Instead of the “Find It” button, you can now find the Browse option on the navigation bar on the left side.

Another feature that they have updated is the all-important “Just For You” recommendations, which the app says now is more “refined and fresh.” Music streaming sites and apps now are more than just for playing music, but even more so it has become a way of discovering new music that is suited to your musical tastes, as well as recommendations from your friends who actually know what kind of music you listen to.

There has still been no major changes ever since Beats by Dre was acquired by Apple reportedly for $3 billion. The deal apparently also states that Beats will still operate separately from Apple and some are saying that this could actually lead to iTunes being available someday for Android users as well.

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