BBM for Android was scheduled for release yesterday. Of course, those who had been waiting for the app to arrive in the Play Store saw the day come and go without that happening. Instead what we received from the folks at BlackBerry was news about why the release plans had to be put on hold.

The simple version here, BlackBerry blamed the lack of BBM for Android release on the leaked app. They said that more than 1.1 million users installed and began using that leaked app in the first 8 hours. And as a result, the unreleased version of BBM for Android “caused issues.”

At this point there isn’t any new timeline as to when BBM will arrive in the Play Store. BlackBerry has said they are going to “continue to work around the clock to bring BBM to Android” but also went on to say that will happen “only when it’s ready and we know it will live up to your expectations of BBM.” Bottom line here, the global release of BBM for Android has been put on hold.

Furthermore, the leaked version of BBM for Android is going to be disabled. Looking forward, BlackBerry has said that as soon as they are able, they will release BBM for Android on a staggered country roll-out. They have also referred those waiting to either pay attention to the @BBM Twitter account or the website to know when the official app drops.

Needless to say, we here at Android Community will be paying attention and will let you know when the app is available in the Play Store. And in the meantime, avoid those fakes that are currently available.

SOURCE: BlackBerry


  1. This sounds fishy… they HAD to know the leaked app was… LEAKED.
    The could have blocked it beforehand…
    It certainly sounds like they were more popular THAN EXPECTED (hey, they just fired 40% of the company…), or they just were not ready… and this leaked app worked as a fine excuse to “save face”

    • I second your opinion on the matter of using “issues with the leaked version” as an excuse. I believe that Blackberry was not truly ready to release BBM. If our analogy is correct, it will be weeks before BBM is released again. If you follow BBM updates you may remember how BBM was due to be released June 27, then sometime in the summer and then changed to the end of summer. I perceive lack of proper planning and the use of excuses as a strategy to delay the inevitable. BBM as a standalone app is likely to have some success; Blackberry in the other end will soon die. And frankly I am disappointed!!!!

  2. They cant do anything right! What a bunch of retards they are worst than Microsoft which was hard to do. Blackberry was about to have a moment in the sun and what do they do mess it up!! This is a excellent example of why they stock is trading at 8 bucks!!! douch bags!!

  3. One more thing!! I bet BBM will be epic!! and why not it is a great APP!!! and they will sell the stock for 8.50 and somebody will make out like a bandit when they RE-IPO this stock!!!


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