This afternoon we finally have an official release date from Blackberry regarding their popular BBM for Android. After countless leaks, fakes in the Google Play Store, and more, they’ve just confirmed all the details this afternoon. BBM for Android will be available globally for everyone (no exclusives) starting September 21st in the Google Play Store, then launch for iOS on the 22nd.

It will be a free download from the Play Store for nearly all Android devices above Android 4.0, and launched globally. Users will also be able to head to and download through their mobile browser, should they choose. Blackberry is calling BBM an “iconic social network” which is a stretch, but with 60 million users the messenger service is still running strong.

This doesn’t compare to the over 200 million WhatsApp users, but BlackBerry is expecting millions and millions of downloads across Android and iOS, which should surely increase their numbers and make this service much more popular. But do we need it? With WhatsApp, Google Hangouts and more, we’ll have to wait and see.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 11.22.43 AM

Just like other messengers BBM is always on, with instant speed of delivery. It’s almost like a real conversation according to them. We’ll also enjoy delivered and “read” notifications, which is something we know many of you require and expect. There’s multi-user chat, photo uploading, and basically everything else we already knew was coming. Not to mention the leaked video earlier this month shared plenty of details.

So, for those excited about BBM for Android know that you’ll be able to get it starting the 21st.




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