BlackBerry is still pushing BlackBerry Messenger – more popularly known as BBM – to compete with all the other messaging apps out there. We won’t question their commitment to their once hugely popular chat and messaging platform – and even now they’re still pushing new features to the app.

So what can we expect from this new update? Well, there’s the privacy inclined “Timed Messages” feature – which basically deletes the message thread from your recipient’s inbox once you delete the thread off your machine. A cool extension of this feature is that you – as sender – will be notified if your recipient takes a screenshot of your message thread. Pretty nifty.

Among other features in this update is the “Message Retraction” feature, also related to privacy – which basically allows you to retract messages and delete them off your recipient’s inbox. There’s also a new “High Quality Image Transfer” feature – pretty self-explanatory.

BlackBerry says that it may take 24 hours for users to get an update notification, so users just need to wait for this update. If you haven’t tried BBM for Android, you can download it from the Google Play Store here.

SOURCE: BlackBerry