Behold the next chapter in our review series of the games currently exclusive to (or otherwise optimized for) the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, aka the PlayStation phone. What this game “Battle Bears -1” consists of is you controlling an upright-standing cartoon 3D bear from a 3rd person over-the-shoulder perspective as he collects weapons and cuts down, blasts, or otherwise destroys the rest of the characters in the game. You’ll be using all your fingers for this one.

This game utilizes the entire controller in a way we’ve not yet seen a game do on the Xperia PLAY thus far. While we’re used to games on the PlayStation taking the controller to the next level, so far we’ve seen games simply transferring their joysticks from the screen to the controller. That’s simply not the case here in Battle Bears -1. What you’ll be getting here is full use out of your PlayStation certified controls, including the joysticks, the directional pad if you don’t like using the left joystick, the shape buttons for side controls, and the Left and Right buttons for switching weapons and firing.

You’ll be blasting bears in no time with a long line of weapons including everyone’s favorite, the chainsaw, right from the outset. There’s not too much blood, but there’s certainly some decapitating – and since you’re murdering what appear to be stuffed animals here, even little Johnny can enjoy some of the fun! You’ll be able to choose between three hero bears, three difficulty levels, and three modes of play.

Xperience with us here the Survival Mode of the game, one where you’ve got to kill as much as possible before you’re overrun by the enemy, tall bears, short bears, ghost bears, and more!

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Speaking from an aesthetic perspective, this game is fabulously well designed. From the start screen to the options screen to the cinematic, it’s a well-selected blend of types of animation and illustration including 3D gameplay, flat cartoon cinematic, gorgeous painted home screen, and square-box options screens.

This game is currently available to Xperia PLAY owners via special Xperia PLAY portal connecting to your V-Cast store from Verizon. Go buy it! It’s so weird and wild! Then check out the rest of our Xperia PLAY review series for answers as to which ones are worth it and which one’s you should leave behind in the dust to rot forever! Also of course check out our full review of the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY (the Verizon version) for your full enjoyment!