Might as well toss out a few guesses here, educated as they are – a new device is about to be released, some sort of tablet device, and it’ll be coming out May 24th. That’s what we learned was the situation back on the 5th of May via a sales call with Barnes & Noble themselves. What we’ve just received now is an invite to an event that takes place that very day at a Barnes & Noble location of utmost secrecy!

What will this mystery device be? Given the recent software update to NOOKcolor turning it into a super app sales superstar grabbin 1 million downloads after only a week, we’re guessing a new tablet that’s closer to a traditional Honeycomb tablet, adding to the ranks of Honeycomb tablets emerging from every single other manufacturer on the market.

We’ll be reporting on the event as quick as a bunny and if there’s a device to be seen, we’ll be clawing it up asap! Meanwhile click around to our gigantic NOOKcolor portal and remember that yours truly did the greatest week-long review of a device of all time back at the release of the NOOKcolor – check that out over on SlashGear: [A Week With NOOKcolor]