So you’d like to develop some apps for the new NookColor, yes? Let’s take a look at what you’ll be looking at. In a recent conversation we had with Barnes & Noble representatives, they made it clear that the approach behind NookDeveloper will be very reading-centric. Very soon, B&N will be launching NookDeveloper to reach out to developers and content providers and show them love. In the next few weeks, the developer portal will be opening up, and inside will be an SDK emulator that you and your pals can work on to create and/or optimize your apps to work with the NookColor.

There’ll be documentation on what developers need to optimize, and dialogue between B&N and the developers on what they might create or what might be neat to develop for the future. The development of apps for the Nook will be very much an extension of the B&N store: apps will be available on the B&N website, in the Nook itself, and at 1400 physical B&N stores. This store for the NookColor will be completely separate from Android Market, the NookColor having no access to that market.

Currently the revenue share for developers is not publicly disclosed, but B&N does note their attractive monetization model including powerful tools like the idea that these apps are marketed directly to B&N customers in a very specific market. There will eventually be an announced revenue share as well as details on merchandising.

Developers – what do you think? Sound attractive to you?

Extra notes: There is currently no publicly announced path for NookColor to be moving to Android 2.2 (NookColor will be running 2.1) but there will be an update in November for the original Nook that will feature such lovely upgrades as faster page turning. AND for those of you who know I’m obsessed with the loop in the lower left hand corner, we now know that it’s mainly meant to evoke the feeling of a page turn. A lanyard will be coming out for it, it making it a more carry-friendly device, which makes me think it’s not especially built for security like I’d originally hoped. Looks like I’ll have to keep my fingers wrapped around it.


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