The brand Bang & Olufsen is more known for premium speakers and audio technology. Some network speakers from the company are now ready for Google Cast and other similar music streaming services. We know it manufactures TVs but not as regular as it produces speakers. After two years, Bang & Olufsen is introducing a new TV system in the form of the BeoVision 14 as a followup to the BeoVision 11 and the BeoVision Avant.

The company definitely knows its market wants premium product so it has come up with a new TV with a 4K Ultra HD pixel resolution. It’s not exactly the first 4K TV available but this one supports Google Cast and Android TV already. Design is very close to the older B&O TV model. Unfortunately, you can’t find any HDR picture support.

BeoVision 14 4K Ultra HD TV is available in 55- and 40-inch models. The series comes equipped with an LCD panel, anti-reflection front glass, LED backlight, and a 360-degree Automatic Picture Control sensor. There’s alsoa three-way custom speaker covered with super thin oak wood lamellas available at the front so the item looks a bit squarish.

The smart TV will arrive with the latest BeoRemote One plus Bluetooth connectivity. Audio used is similar to what the BeoLab 18 loudspeaker has. The TV can even link with other products supported by BeoLink Multiroon .

The TV links with all other BeoLink Multiroon products and it comes with a new version of the BeoRemote One, which now features Bluetooth connectivity. The 40-inch version of the BeoVision 14 4K Ultra HD TV costs £4,495 while the 55-inch screen goes as much as £6,495.

VIA: Pocketlint