We all know it’s futile, trying to recreate tabletop RPG gaming classic Dungeons and Dragons on digital media. There are just some “open play/open world” aspects to D&D that will just not translate to digital. But Backflip Studios is going to give it a try, at least to capture some essence of the decades-old game.

Backflip should know that it has been tried before, a lot of people have tried to do just that, and they’ve crashed and burned. Gamers usually come with the tabletop-like gaming expectations and end up with a crappy alternative. So Backflip Studios have a lot of history to build on. Try to go through the “game in the making” video they released below.

Backflip, developers of DragonVale, are giving this a try, from what the video shows. On evidence, it looks far from the classic D&D RPG. There is hope though, as the outfit attempts to get at least one of the game’s key elements – that players will be able to create or modify the game world that they’re playing in, a huge aspect of tabletop D&D gaming. But aside from the video, nothing’s been confirmed.

Because of the troubles of bringing D&D to digital gaming, a totally new genre of RPGs was born – this was the line that gave us Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Oblivion and more recently, Skyrim. It would be good to remember that these magnificent classics were spawned out of the difficulties of bringing real, creative, tabletop D&D to digital. Will Backflip Studios’ “mobile” D&D make it big with gamers? Tell us what you think.

VIA: The Verge