Fans of classic Dungeons and Dragons RPGs rejoice – an “enhanced edition” of the circa-2000 classic Icewind Dale is coming to multiple platforms soon, including Android. Icewind Dale is the millennium follow-up to the critically acclaimed 1998 release Baldur’s Gate, the latter having its own “enhanced edition” release for Android already.

It’s a great strategy for Beamdog, developer of the “enhanced edition” of both games, bringing back these classics to multiple platforms. The Wizards of the Coast/Forgotten Realms combo has a very strong cult following until today, and even as a rehash we’re pretty sure Beamdog will make a tidy profit from these games.

Icewind Dale is pure classic D&D RPG, so you can expect all the spellcasting, hack-n-slash, RPG gameplay you’ve grown to love over the years, plus some cool new features. With today’s socially inclined culture, Beamdog is bringing multiplayer cooperative cross-platform gameplay to the table. This edition also includes the “Heart of Winter” and the “Trials of the Luremaster” expansion sets, including content cut from the original game.


At the moment, it is still in “coming soon” state for Android, while it is already accepting pre-orders for other platforms. Baldur’s Gate is priced at around USD$9.00, so we expect Icewind Dale to sell at those rates as well – or maybe cheaper as it launches. You’re excited, yes?

SOURCE: Icewind Dale Official Website