Such is the beauty of Lumino City that it snagged a BAFTA award for Artistic Achievement in 2015. It will be rare to find a “point-and-click” game with such glowing credentials. So rejoice everyone, as this gorgeous game is now launching for Android gamers. If you catch it early, the game is available at discounted pricing.

Lumino City
is a unique game. The entire world within the game was handmade – this is using paper, cardboard, and glue. You will play as a young girl named Lumi, who has to search the city for her grandfather who was apparently kidnapped. The game is truly point-and-click – you will be asked to solve a bunch of puzzles as the game progresses.

The game provides gamers with a whopping 10 hours of gameplay. That’s very impressive for a game on mobile, and is good value for money. “Originality” sometimes comes pushed around as a quality of other games, but rarely is it fleshed out in wonderful reality like this.

Normally, Lumino City would cost you USD$4.99. But at the week of its launch, you can get it for the discounted price of USD$2.99. The game has no in-app purchases, and supports achievements and cloud saves. However, you need a robust Android device for this – either a smartphone or a tablet that has at least 2GB RAM, and it will take up over 1GB of storage.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store