Aviate is an Android launcher that was purchased by Yahoo early this year and came out of beta in June. Aviate is designed to organize apps and aggregate data for users. With Aviate running on so many devices, Yahoo is able to gather some data about what apps the user interacts with the most, average apps installed, and other details.

According to the latest bit of Aviate data, the average Android user has 95 apps installed. That seems like a lot of apps considering that data from ComScore released this month shows that the average smartphone user downloads zero apps each month.

Yahoo Aviate data shows that users have an average of 95 apps installed and use 35 of those apps on average each day. Aviate also captures data on what part of the day apps are most likely to be used in. Google Maps for instance was most likely to be used later in the day. Clock apps were most likely to be used in the morning and at night.

Netflix use rises steadily through the day to a high at around 10pm nightly. Interestingly while Yahoo is offering stats on other apps, it won’t say how many people have downloaded Aviate. Google Play says it has been downloaded between 1 million and 5 million times.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb