The OnePlus 6 name has been officially confirmed but it will be months before the Chinese OEM makes an announcement. We’re expecting a June launch since previous flagship phones were revealed the same month each year but there is a possibility it will be earlier this 2018 after all the rumors and speculations. Perhaps end of April in time for the release of the movie “Avengers: Infinity War”. A video teaser was recently posted on YouTube, showing off the OnePlus logo and the Avengers symbol. The nine-second clip then ends with the information the movie will be shown worldwide on April 27.

We can gather from this video the possibility of an Avengers-themed OnePlus 6. It’s nothing new because there’s the Star Wars variant of the OnePlus 5T. An Avengers OnePlus 6 can be exciting especially for real comic geek fans who want novelty items.

What better way to also promote the movie than by coming up with the Avengers OnePlus 6. We don’t know if it’s possible but how about free movie tickets when you get the new OnePlus? That shouldn’t be a problem but at this point, we’re interested when exactly OnePlus will announce and roll out the OnePlus 6. April or June? We’re betting on an earlier announcement as opposed to last year.