It was just last April that Automatic, the “Smart Driving Assistant”, ventured into Android and now the company is ready to up the ante. With version 1.0 of its app for Android, Automatic takes even greater care to secure the safety of drivers and, in a worst case scenario, ensure that help will be on the way.

Automatic Link, a handy little device that connects your smartphone to your car via the on-board diagnostics data port, brings a bit of intelligence to your driving experience at the faction of the cost of more dedicated in-car smart systems or smart cars. Previously exclusive to iOS only, Automatic released its first Android app almost two months ago. As it is, the app already contains features both useful, like remembering where you parked your car, and fun, like tracking your trips and scoring your driving style. But Automatic promised to add more features that focus on the more serious aspect of driver safety, and today they are delivering on that promise.

Crash Alert uses the Automatic Link’s accelerometer to determine if an accident has taken place. If so, it will immediately send a notification to local emergency services with your location attached. But Automatic is also going the extra mile and will also inform your loved ones about the incident. But to make sure that a crash doesn’t happen in the first place, at least not of your own doing, Automatic now features a Do Not Disturb mode, similar to most night-time features found in Android smartphones today, except for cars. This feature will automatically silence your device and even turn off vibration alerts so that you won’t be disturbed either by ringing or by buzzing. It will also automatically reply to calls with a text message informing the other party that you are currently driving. Automatic, however, won’t force your hand on the matter and leaves the driver free to answer phone or messages at his or her own risk.

Automatic lauds the Android platform’s openness and extensibility that allowed them to implement such features which are exclusive to Android. Automatic 1.0 is now available from the download link below, though users should note that the Crash Alert feature is still marked as beta. While the app might be free, the device will cost buyers $99.95, which comes with the offer of free shipping.

Download: Automatic on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Automatic