The Automatic Link is touted as a “Smart Driving Assistant” but given support had been limited to iOS, it may not have been on the radar of many Android users. The good news is that has changed as of today. The Automatic app has landed in the Google Play Store ready for Android users looking to connect a little closer with their car.

The app is available for free, however getting any use from the app will require you to purchase the Automatic Link. The Link is $99.95 and plugs into the OBD-II data port in your car. This port is typically easy to locate, and therefor the setup process should be fairly quick and easy. Automatic mentioned how the Link (and app) should work with “just about any” car sold in the US since 1996.

Features include being able to always remember where you park and track your trips. The trip tracking returns a drive score and a high score means you are driving smarter. It also means you are likely saving some money on gas. Other features of the Automatic Link include getting feedback on items such as speeding, rapid acceleration and rough braking. It is also able to tell you what the check engine light means — should that ever be an issue.

While not yet available, there was mention of an emergency assistance feature coming in the future. The crash assistance will use the built-in accelerometer (found in the Link) and will have agents from Automatic getting in contact to see whether you need any further assistance.

The app requires Android 4.0 or later for use, and the smartphone will connect with the Link using Bluetooth. Links for the app and the Automatic website are sitting just below.

SOURCE: Automatic, Google Play Store