Games these days are full of HD graphics, explosions, and lately lots of zombies but today we have some excellent news about something completely different. Back in July last year we reviewed an awesome and extremely relaxing and addicting game called Auralux, but it was limited to Tegra 3 devices only. The game is full of calming ambient sounds and offers an abstract, simplified real-time strategy experience. It’s worth checking out so read on past the break.

There really is no way to describe how awesome and relaxing this game is, you just have to try it for yourself. Back in July they launched for Tegra 3 devices only, and sadly it has taken them nearly an entire year to bring this to all Android devices. Today Auralux was updated with support for all Android devices, and it’s excellent news.

Their listing in the play store mentions it being a work of art, and not just a game, and uses words like abstract, essentialized, and simplified when explaining the gameplay. It’s simple. Use strategy to take over other worlds in this game, all to a calming tone and sounds as you battle other waves of enemies. It’s simple, minimalistic in design, and surprisingly loads of fun. Take a peek at our initial hands-on below.

I’m not sure if it’s how simple the game is, the neat little sound effects, or simply the fact that you really have to try multiple different approaches to win each level. It truly is an work of art blend into a real-time strategy game. You’ve seen it on PC, and now it’s available for all Android devices and even has a new map pack. The game is completely free, and you can purchase more maps should you choose.

Don’t take our word for it. The game looks average at best but is surprisingly fun, challenging, and addicting. Let us know what you think by getting it from the link below.

[via Play Store Link]