Lately Android and mobile games have all been about extremely impressive graphics, stunning visuals, or flying Angry Birds. Today however we have a brand new game that is as equally addicting, extremely simple, relaxing, and fun to play. It’s called Auralux and it’s a brand new simplified (in every way possible) real-time strategy game. From the developers that helped bring Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto III to Android, you’ll want to check this this free game out.

Auralux really is pretty hard to explain, and the screenshots will certainly not give off a good impression. Simply for the fact that they are very plain and simple looking. Don’t let the minimalistic graphics fool you though because this games is loads of fun. You just need to try it yourself. I’ve played a good 3-4 hours of it straight and find it exciting, challenging, yet relaxing at the same time — I’m at odds. The developers Wardrum Studios explain it by stating: “Auralux is an abstract and simplified real-time strategy game designed to provide the ultimate relaxing, cerebral experience.”

For those that like RTS games you can almost think of it like a very generic and basic version of Warcraft or Starcraft. You start with a world, and it create marines, or what the call “units” every second. There’s no time consuming mining, or gathering of gold here though — Auralux does it all. You can add your units to the world for quick upgrades, then you’ll be churning out two units per second. Once you’ve gathered an army you can head to other planets and consume them — which then also churn out one unit per second, or attack nearby worlds.

Be cautious though, as you attack others and deplete your world of units, you are also open to attack and trust me they’ll come at the worst times. There’s no blood or gore, instead just a simple and relaxing melody of music that plays at the same beat as the game. It really sounds odd but this game is way more exciting than I thought it would be. I can’t put it down.

Auralux will be exclusive to Tegra devices for the first few weeks, and will land for all Android devices soon. It is completely free, and loads of fun. If the boring looking screenshots or my simple description don’t have you sold — don’t take my word for it. Try it today completely free from the Play Store or the NVIDIA Tegra Zone links below.

Auralux Play Store link
Auralux Tegra Zone link


  1. This looks like an old Android game called “Galaxy Domination”. Similar concept/graphics… but it’s been off the Market/PlayStore for a while (luckily I saved the APK before they removed it)… but I’ll definitely try this on my wife’s Nexus7 since this game looks much more polished/robust.


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