Amazon wants more people to access Audible. That’s generous of the e-commerce site as the Audiobooks from Audible app has just been updated with several enhancements. There are many digital libraries to access but is one of the biggest. The app was released for Android to allow the mobile users to get the classics and the current bestsellers.

The latest update brings Android Auto support so you can listen to audiobooks while driving. There’s also the playback speed (0.5x to 3x) that lets you fine tune playback according to your preference. There’s the Store that allows easy access to wish lists, bestsellers, and categories. You can see all the books you’ve pre-ordered and have yet to be sent to you.

Listening to audiobooks are better if you’re always on-the-go. While traveling or commuting, you can simply put on a pair of earphones so you can listen to audiobooks. There are so many to choose from. There are about 180,000 titles that are ready to be downloaded. Don’t dare to try “listening” to all of them because you will never finish all of them in your lifetime.

You can listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you are. There are several categories to choose from: Kids’ books, Business, Self development, Mindfulness and meditation, Mystery, Horrow, Fantasy, Science fiction, Crime and Thriller, and Romance. Some of the bestselling audiobooks include Harry Potter, The Girl on the Train, Martian, Modern Romance: An Investigation, Slaughterhouse Five, The Lake House, and Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

If you use Android Auto, you should see Audible in the list of available apps.

Download Audiobooks from Audible from the Google Play store