The Audible app has recently been updated for Android users. This update has brought the app from v1.4.6 up to an even v1.5, but perhaps more important than the number — is what came along. The folks at Audible are touting this update as bringing a “beautiful” new design.

While we suspect the definition of beautiful will vary from person to person, we can say it is rather different as compared to the previous version. In our opinion, a nice improvement. The design is a bit cleaner and more modern looking, though it is not necessarily a modern design by Android standards.


For example, it would be nice to be able to swipe left and right to move between the “Cloud” and “Device” libraries. Otherwise, the Now Playing screen has easy access to details about the book as well as your Bookmarks and Chapters. There is also an option in the upper right to quickly adjust the listening speed and share. As it was before, a tap of the currently playing book will flip between a larger cover view and the cover with title, author and narrator.

As you can see in the above gallery, there is an option to go button free. This can be found by tapping the Menu button in the Now Playing screen. Once here you have a bit more option when it comes to swiping. You are able to swipe left to rewind, swipe right to fast forward, tap to play and long press to add a bookmark. Audible also mentions how they improved the overall stability and performance.

One other smaller, but welcomed addition is the chapter-level progress bar in the Now Playing screen. That said, those not as familiar with the older look of the Audible app, or those tho simply want to see some images side by side should check out the above three-image gallery — it shows how the Audible app used to look. Bottom line here, this looks like a must-update for current Audible users.

SOURCE: Google Play Store