Recently reports suggest Verizon spent an upwards of $69 million to boost their network in preparation for the big game, Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. They’ve been getting all the airtime but they aren’t the only ones going big for my favorite day of the year. AT&T has made huge improvements in downtown Indianapolis for the visitors not to mention huge increases around the stadium. AT&T is aiming to offer their subscribers the perfect day full of football, beer, and a few signal bars too.

With the Super Bowl weekend quickly approaching and an upwards of 150,000+ people expected to be around for the big game AT&T has been making some huge moves themselves. Not only will this play a large role in providing top-notch service for Indianapolis moving forward — but Super Bowl Sunday will also be rock solid. A new report from Webpronews has detailed a few of AT&T’s plans and so far it sounds great.

While no numbers were reported we are hearing AT&T has made substantial investments for the game in general, and the city will benefit in the long run obviously. First, they launched an AT&T WiFi Hot Zone, the company’s seventh major hotzone, that will serve multiple parts of downtown Indianapolis. This will provide free and fast WiFi to many parts of Indianapolis around the stadium, and downtown. AT&T has also launched an expanded Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Lucas Oil Stadium to help with the media side of things, and plan to launch more in venues around the area before the big game.

Next, AT&T has deployed 9 Cell on Wheels — known as COW’s — that will bring high speed 3G and 4G LTE to the surrounding area to help with the added stress of the biggest sporting event in the United States.

We’re excited to provide significant network improvements,” Brian Ducharme, Vice President and General Manager of AT&T Indiana and Michigan said. “They will enhance the network experience for our customers in Indianapolis before, during and after the game.”

Enjoy it Indianapolis — we have a feeling you guys might not be going to a Super Bowl for a while (sorry that was rude.) Now the biggest question of all remains… Who will win Super Bowl XLVI this year? I’m going with my man Eli Manning and the Giants all the way, that pass rush is just brutal!