Verizon Wireless today has proudly announced that they soon will be driving around cows. Actually today they delivered the company’s first 4G LTE C.O.W. (Cell On Wheels) in Florida to bring the joy of reinforced high-speed wireless capabilities to its customers. What we have here is a new system kicking off in Florida where major sporting or media events, tourist destinations, and other heavily populated areas will get extra support to the 4G LTE network when needed. This is a great system for natural disasters and hurricanes when most service eventually goes down.

These COW’s are nothing new or to laugh at either, weighing in around 24,000 lbs with huge telescope like antenna towers that will provide the 4G LTE service to many. Verizon details that these new mobile units will be able to simultaneously handle hundreds and thousands of calls, and texts, as well as data such as pictures, email, app downloads and more. These will be placed in key areas when needed and should provide tons of protection and support for Verizon.

While we have seen these “COW” towers in the past with Verizon, similar to what some local news vans use, these are much larger and like mentioned above weigh in around 24,000 pounds. Most likely they will be pulled behind large vehicles instead of an all in one solution like pictured above, but you get the idea. As soon as we get an official view of these new 4G LTE COW’s we will be sure to update with more details. I just keep thinking about the Chick-fil-A cow floating around with antenna’s on its head, but I’ll just stop right there.

Verizon also has emergency response vehicles with charging stations that provide additional service, power, and support in times of need and we’ve seen these plenty in the past. Being able to also supply 4G LTE in the same way is an entire new level. I’m excited to see more and I’d love to throw one inside a palm tree and put it out back by the pool.