A couple of months ago Samsung Infuse 4G owners were thrilled to find out that thet their phones were finally getting updated to Gingerbread, only to immediately be¬†disappointed¬†that it was put on hold from AT&T. According to a tipster, the update is finally back on, though you’ll need to connect to Samsung’s Kies desktop program in order to apply it. We can’t confirm the tip, so if you’ve got an Infuse and you’re hungry for some Gingerbread, download the driver and Kies program and see if you can pull down the update.

The Infuse is a scaled-up version of the Galaxy S for AT&T’s HSPA+ network. It’s pretty impressive as one of the first crop of 4.5-inch phones, even more so when you consider its Super AMOLED panel – though the resolution is just 800×480. In fact just about the only thing we didn’t like in our review back in May of last year was the choice to ship the phone with Android 2.2 Froyo, despite it being about six months out of date at the time. Nearly a year later that’s still the case, except for those who were lucky enough to get Gingerbread before AT&T took it down, citing but not detailing problems for a few users.

As noted above, we can’t verify that the update is working, but we’ve got a report from one lucky Infuse owner and it’s starting to gain a little traction on the web. Try it out – you’ve got nothing to lose but Froyo. The Infuse has the hardware muscle to run Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung’s posted the source code, so if you’re feeling brave, now might be the time to start searching for some custom ROMs as well.

[Thanks, Ricky!]

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