Continuing its stream of updates, AT&T has just released another batch of updates to smartphones under its care. But while Galaxy Note 3 owners will find themselves a bit disappointed, the Galaxy S 4 camp will rejoice with the arrival of the long-awaited Android 4.4 update.

The changelog for the Galaxy S 4 is pretty much the same with the Android 4.4 update to the LG G2 and HTC One earlier this week, including the new KitKat visual style and user experience improvements. Mentioned in this release are a few enhancement to photography features, such as the addition of a new on-screen circle that you can drag around to select the exact focus, as well as new filter effects and adjustments for the Gallery app’s photo editor.

There is also a firmware update for the Galaxy Note 3, but this one is less sensational. It still keeps the S Pen phablet under Android 4.3, but does offer a few enhancements. In particular, Google’s stock set of apps under the Google Mobile Services have been updated and Google Drive has been baked into the firmware. Samsung’s own Account app and service has been updated in this new N900AUCUBNB4 build.

As with any update, precautions should be taken before undertaking the update, like backing up data and ensuring a decent amount of battery and stable Internet connection. That is even more applicable with the update to the Galaxy S 4 since it involves a major Android jump.

SOURCE: AT&T, Samsung