We are used to seeing expansion announcements from the carriers. In fact, it was earlier this month when AT&T detailed their latest 4G LTE expansion plans. As of today though, we have word of coverage for AT&T customers that happen to be visiting the UK. The one catch, we are talking Wi-Fi hotspot coverage as opposed to cellular.

Needless to say, AT&T has recently inked a deal with The Cloud which will give access to roughly 16,000 wireless hotspots across the UK. There are some catches though. For one, this free Wi-Fi hotspot offer will only apply to those AT&T customers that are on an international plan. That sort of takes some of the free away, however this is still a perk that is above what was previously available.

Basically, eligible customers will be able to access those hotspots using the AT&T Wi-Fi International app which can be found in the Google Play Store. The other catch, users will have a data limit placed upon them. It would have been nicer to see this announced with unlimited access, however those using any of The Cloud hotspots will be capped at 1GB. On the flip side, we suspect even a low 1GB cap may be enough to help ease the cost and/or worry about roaming on a cellular network.

Bottom line here, if you are an AT&T user (with an international plan) and find yourself traveling in the UK — make sure you have the app downloaded ahead of time and take advantage of this Wi-Fi offer. After all, while 1GB may not be the ideal limit, it should be more than enough to take care of some communication needs such as email and maybe even a voice or video call using Skype or something similar.

[via The Next Web]


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