Today AT&T has confirmed that their continued efforts to increase and rollout 4G LTE networks is moving along quite well. While they still haven’t been able to match the speed and frequency of Verizon, AT&T has 4 new markets to grace their 4G LTE network today, as well as 6 locations getting expanded. If you’ve been waiting for faster speeds and are in Georgia, get excited.

Yup, starting today AT&T will be flipping the power-on switch for 4 new 4G LTE markets. While this is just a small number compared to the more than 15+ each time Verizon makes an announcement, we’ll take what we can get. The new locations include Albany, GA; Calhoun, GA; Dalton, GA; and Norfolk, VA.

The updates to Norfolk Virginia also include Virginia Beach and Portsmouth, and those in Georgia include Cecil County and parts of Northwest Georgia although the actual locations weren’t all extremely clear from AT&T’s press room.

AT&T also confirmed that as many as three cities have been expanded throughout Pennsylvania, and the same amount was mentioned for Virginia. Their expansions have been as slow as their actual rollout, but AT&T has big plans for 2013 that is for sure. They just purchased plenty of additional network spectrum so expect their network improvements to continue to get faster and faster throughout the year.


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