The fated day has finally arrived and AT&T subscribers owning last year’s HTC One will finally get a much deserved updated. This change in status is indicated by the shift from “Certification” to “Completed” in HTC’s Sense 6 software update web page.

AT&T is the last major US carrier to roll out Sense 6.0 to its HTC One customers, though HTC is probably not to blame. The manufacturer has made sure that the Interwebs know that much of the delay in releasing software updates lies with carriers. It has even put up an infographic explaining this as well as a web page dedicated to monitoring the updates for various devices and carriers.

Mid May, the T-Mobile and Unlocked version of the HTC One M7 started getting their Sense 6.0 update. This was followed a week later by Verizon. Now, AT&T is finally following suit, which practically closes this chapter of the Sense 6’s journey to HTC’s previous flagship. AT&T hasn’t yet released an official changelog and guide for the update, but we already do know about the new features that it will bring, like the new Blinkfeed and improved user experience features.

As always, the arrival of the update will vary from device to device. The update size is quite hefty so the usual precautions of backup, battery, and WiFi should be observed.