Today we’ve learned that AT&T has added a new monthly fee for all users that will earn the company millions of dollars. It isn’t much, requiring subscribers to pay an additional $0.61 per month for what they’re calling a “Mobility Administration Fee.” Nickels and dimes folks, nickels and dimes.

It might sound small, and in reality it really won’t be much to consumers. On the other side however, this new fee will earn AT&T millions and millions of dollars. Each and every postpaid subscriber will be required to pay this addition 61 cents each and every month.

Actually, saying millions of dollars is an understatement in the long run as the bottom line will be far into the billions. Each subscriber will be paying an additional $7.32 per year ($0.61 x 12) so in all reality we’re actually paying almost $8 a year for nothing. Don’t get out the pitchforks and get angry too fast though guys. After being asked AT&T mentioned this is a similar fee that other wireless carriers charge. They aren’t the bad guys. The spokesman said the new fee is:

“consistent with similar fees charged by other carriers,” and that it will “help cover certain expenses, such as interconnection and cell site rents and maintenance.”

This new fee went into effect on May 1st, so many of you probably noticed a small increase on the bill this month. It really isn’t all that much and after checking it does appear that other carriers have similar fees in place. However, if you’re angry over it you could always switch to AT&T’s new prepaid AIO Wireless option.

So AT&T customers, how do you feel about this new fee? Sound off in the comments below but keep it clean folks!