AT&T unveiled the Next upgrade program back in mid-July. This program gives users the ability to upgrade their device every 12 months. The AT&T Next program is sitting alongside other carrier options such as T-Mobile JUMP and Verizon VZ Edge. And with competition it looks like there is some price adjustments going on.

Simply put, it looks like AT&T has quietly launched some promotional pricing for devices being purchased under the Next program. Some of the devices include the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One which are now down to $27 per month. Those two have seen a drop from $32.50 per month. And while this may not seem like a big savings each month, when you consider that spread over 20 payments — that suddenly could make or break a deal.

As far as getting a deal, we do have to remember that while it is nice to avoid the contract you are still tied in with AT&T until that device is paid off in full. Simply put, with Next (and JUMP and Edge) you are simply trading the two-year agreement for monthly payments. Needless to say, paying monthly payments may work better (as compared to shelling out a few hundred dollars at purchase) for some.

These price drops have been confirmed as promotional, which is really just another way of saying they are not permanent. Or in other words, if you had been considering picking up a handset with AT&T, this may just be the nudge you have been waiting for.

With that, the Next program allows users to upgrade their smartphone and/or tablet. The upgrade can be made anytime after you make 12 of those 20 monthly payments. You will also need to trade-in your current device at upgrade time, but the good news is there is no down payments or activation fees to consider. Once you get a new device you simply start making the new monthly payments.

VIA: Engadget