For those enjoying one of the many impressive 4G LTE capable phones on AT&T we have some good news if you’ve yet to see LTE in your city. Today AT&T has announced another set of cities getting the upgrade to their fast 4G LTE service. Their rollout hasn’t been extremely quick, but AT&T’s been picking up the pace as of late.

In their usual fashion they’ve been announcing all the details and locations at their press page, but we have the new cities easily listed below for those hoping they’ve been upgraded. Verizon’s still got a firm lead with the LTE networks, but here’s a few more available on AT&T starting today:

– Miami
– Fort Lauderdale
– West Palm Beach
– Worcester area
– Massachusetts
– Baltimore region
– Greater Washington D.C. region

Add the 7 new markets getting 4G LTE or expanding today along with the 7+ announced earlier this month AT&T’s been making a strong summer push. Many of the cities and networks mentioned today are getting greater reach and expansion, and aren’t necessarily new, but I’m sure you’ll all enjoy any additions. Let us know if you’ve started seeing 4G LTE in your neck of the woods.