This afternoon LG has just confirmed that their Optimus G Pro smartphone over on AT&T is getting a pretty major software update starting today. The highly anticipated “value pack” update has a slew of new features, tools, and customizations that makes the 5.5-inch smartphone even better. Things like eye tracking to pause video if you look away, dual recording, and much more.

Now we know what you’re thinking. Aren’t all of those features that are readily available from the Galaxy S4? Yes, yes they are. However, LG patented the eye-tracking features first, but that really doesn’t matter. What is important, is that the AT&T Optimus G Pro is getting some stellar new features today.

The upgrade is rolling out starting today from AT&T and it’s quite big. After updating you’ll enjoy some new features such as: Smart video, which will track the users eyes and pause video if you look away, then resume when you return your eyes to the display. Being able to take images with both the front and rear camera at the same time, picture in picture while recording and more. Then pause live video recording, and resume while keeping it all one file. Take a peek below.

LG has also improved the Quick Remote to support more devices and TVs, and added a new text input method so searching for Netflix videos will be a breeze to input. Lastly, one of my most favorite new features is the ability to customize the notification LED on the home button. It’s RGB, so supports a wide array of colors. You can customize alerts and colors, and even add select colors to contacts and more.

Not bad LG and AT&T. The update is rolling out as we speak so check for updates and give it a run. Enjoy those new camera features folks.