You’d be correct if you were wondering if AT&T had launched their 4G LTE network yet and thought to yourself, no they haven’t. That is because so far they’ve only been testing a few small areas and networks but nothing official has been launched. Next week AT&T will be launching their first 4G LTE devices and don’t get too excited because they aren’t smartphones or tablets, but we will however be seeing a 4G LTE mobile hotspot and a USB Modem coming on August 21st.

While latest reports suggest we wont be seeing a 4G LTE smartphone from AT&T until very late 2011, at least we know they are coming and that the 4G network seems to be moving along. Pushing out a few mobile hotspots and USB Modem’s is a great way to test the network while they ready more devices such as the HTC Puccini and other smartphones.

As for pricing, both new modems will be offered with a $50 per month data-only plan offering a 5GB data limit. Shown in the picture above the hotspot will nicely keep track of your usage for you. Each device will support roll-back to AT&T’s HSPA+ network in areas without LTE coverage and for those that exceed their data limit will be charged $10 per GB of usage. More details and pricing can be found over at SlashGear via the link below.

[via SlashGear]