Earlier in the week HTC let it be known that AT&T One X+ users would have an update beginning soon. At the time they said the update would be arriving later in the week. And while we have yet to see a formal announcement from AT&T about the rollout, several user reports have surfaced. Simply put, AT&T One X+ users are getting Android 4.2.2 as we speak.

As we had been expecting, the update is arriving as Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5. The catch is, it seems users are actually getting two updates. There wasn’t much said on the first smaller update, and at this point it is believed to be a maintenance style update. Basically, an update to prep for the 4.2.2. update.

Needless to say, this means you will be spending a few minutes going through the update process. The xda-developers forums users mention the first update downloading, installing and then rebooting — only to go through that same process a second time. Either way though, if you are carrying an AT&T branded HTC One X+, now may be a good time to check for the update.

Assuming this is ready for your specific device, just follow the prompts once the update notification appears on your handset. Also worth mentioning, the second of these two updates is on the larger side. User reports peg this one as being greater than 500MB, which means you may want to make sure you are connected to WiFi before beginning. After all, downloading a 500MB+ update could take a serious hit on some of these smaller data allowances.