We recently learned that AT&T would have an exclusive on the 64GB HTC One, however as of today it is looking like the carrier will first be launching the smaller version. Coming by way of a recent leak, AT&T is expected to have the 32GB HTC One available for pre-order beginning this week.

According to the leak, the 32GB HTC One pre-orders with AT&T could kick off as soon as April 5, which for those without a calendar handy — that is this coming Friday. AT&T will have the handset available in black and silver. So far no mention of pre-orders for the 64GB model. It is also looking like the pre-order phase will be rather quiet. Details in the leak note that there will be “no in-store displays for beginning of presale.”

AT&T is expected to have the 32GB One available for $249 and the 64GB model available for $299.99. The other interesting aspect here, this 32GB $249.99 price point lines up nicely with what we have heard about the AT&T GALAXY S 4. Unlike what we have on the HTC One, AT&T has officially announced pricing and a pre-order date for the GALAXY S 4.

Those details had the GALAXY S 4 priced at $249.99 and available for pre-order beginning on April 16. The one bit that we have yet to see in regards to the GALAXY S 4 is which model. Or more specifically, how much internal storage the GALAXY S 4 will have. Otherwise, given April 5 is quickly approaching, we suspect AT&T will be releasing some official details sooner rather than later.

[via Engadget]

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