While most of the mobile world’s eyes have been focused on HTC‘s shiniest One, or averted by Facebook’s news, those rooting for the HTC One mini need not feel unloved. By the end of this week, owners of HTC’s miniature flagship will be enjoying all the perks of the latest Android 4.4.2, as well as the not-so latest Sense 5.5 UI, at least if they’re under AT&T’s network.

When HTC revealed the update progress of several handsets in January, the AT&T HTC One mini was listed as still under the Integration phase, this meant that HTC and carriers were still testing out how the Android 4.4 and Sense 5.5 upgrades will play with the carrier’s own services and custom apps. That said, rumor was that the update will roll out at least by February.

That date now seems to have been pushed by a full month. The revelation was made by HTC product manager Mo Versi, who took to Twitter to announce the good news that the update has finally passed the certification stage. Without promising an exact date, he hinted that the it should be rolling out by the end of this week.


Of course, that is a rather optimistic estimate, so owners should not worry too much if they don’t receive the update immediately. Considering it will be a major version bump, they might use the waiting period to ensure that their data is well backed up. Since the update, which will most likely be huge, will be delivered via OTA, a good WiFi connection will also be required.

SOURCE: @moversi