HTC recently offered an infographic which detailed the Android update process. Basically, HTC attempted to give an explanation as to why these Android updates sometimes take quite a while before the reach each and every user. So with that in mind, it looks like some rumors have sprung up surrounding the HTC One max and One mini smartphones.

The source of the information has been accurate regarding HTC in the past, but as we often see — the carriers play a big part in when these updates reach everyone. Anyway, according to a recent Twitter post from @LlabTooFeR, Android 4.4.2 will be heading towards “all new” HTC devices in January or February.

“All new devices such as One,One DualSIM, One max, One mini will get 4.4.2 update in time frame January-February”

This update is also expected to bring Sense up to version 5.5. And for those looking and/or hoping to see Sense 6 — it seems that is still some time away. Further comments from @LlabTooFeR touched on how that “might appear in late Autumn.”

Clarifying that late Autumn timeframe, that was for devices that have already been released. Or in other words, HTC could potentially drop HTC Sense 6 on a new device before it will arrive on any of these already available devices. Anyway, while this gives a potential timeline to be aware of — ultimately we are going to have to start watching HTC and the individual carriers for a better idea of when Android 4.4.2 will be arriving.